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2016 June


Currently the Mukaliakwa Primary School, In Zambia has one pit latrine for 850 boys and girls, including teachers and staff. We would like to build 4 latrines (one for each gender for both students and staff). For $5,000 you donate toward one pit latrine. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to construct at least 4.

Give Back Malawi in Washington DC

Malawii-300x300Malawi is a poor country in terms of wealth, but a very friendly and welcoming one. Many Malawians rely on agriculture and times can be hard, especially following droughts or floods. Illnesses are a constant threat. ITH Charities and Face of Harvest have been moved by the call to contribute toward providing impoverished Malawian’s with a healthier livelihood, social, economic, and physical sustainability. Details