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God’s heart for Africa has been evident since the beginning of the Church Age. In the Book of Acts, an angel told Philip where to find the Ethiopian eunuch ‘a North African’ who was seeking God (Acts 8:26-40). The man believed and was baptized in water, marking the beginning of Christianity on the continent.


  • Churches 122
  • Parishioners 6,600
  • Bible Colleges 6
  • Students 115
  • Orphanages 1
  • Children 67
  • Food Programs 7
  • Participants 430
  • Schools 5
  • Students 470


Dennis Charles

Nancy Hudson

CASA Ministries
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Beginning under a Mango tree, the Christian Church of South Africa has grown tremendously under the leadership of Sister Nancy Hudson. Presently there are nine (9) churches in CASA with membership of over nine hundred (900) in addition to such ministries as Feed the Hungry, Help a Child, Help a Mother, devotions for the local schools, women’s ministries, youth ministries, evangelistic crusades, music ministries and an annual convention where the churches come together for three days of teaching, encouragement, powerful services including special ministry for children and youth.

Sister Nancy’s heart for word missions is revealed by her travels to India, Malawi and other countries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her heart for missions has led CASA to send their first missionaries to Malawi and they are praying to send many more throughout the African continent. Truly Sister Nancy’s goal to see untold numbers saved for the Kingdom of God and to nurture and equip them to be sent out to do the work of the Lord is a reality.

Ian Murray

Impact Life Ministries

Harrison Kamanga

Pentecostal Revival Churches

Theophile Rakotondrabako