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With a name like “Doubting” Thomas, not much was expected of him and his ministry. Yet, he was the first missionary to the Far East. During his lifetime, he established a powerful legacy of proclaiming the Gospel and caring for the needs of people in Asia. World Impact has the privilege of being a part of Thomas legacy with a special emphasis on India and the Philippines.


  • Churches 1,685
  • Parishioners 185,100
  • Bible Colleges 20
  • Students 306
  • Orphanages 51
  • Children 5,338
  • Food Programs 9
  • Participants 590
  • Schools 40
  • Students 5,621



Thomas Abraham

Ebenezer Gospel Mission
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Brother Thomas Abraham is the founder and President of the “Ebenezer Gospel Mission” in India. With over seven hundred thousand (700,000) villages and millions of people unreached with the Gospel, Brother Abraham and Ebenezer Gospel Mission are working tirelessly to shine the light of Christ in those areas. Having begun with a radio program followed by a correspondence course for the listeners, Ebenezer Gospel Missions has grown to over three hundred (300) churches with more than twenty thousand parishioners (20,000), orphanages, Bible colleges and 300 pastors.

The goal of Ebenezer Gospel Missions is to reach the villages in the outlaying areas where the Gospel has not yet been preached. Through their Bible Colleges graduates, EGM sends out missionaries who evangelize more and more of those villages that have never the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every year the Lord expands their ministry into more states to minister to the low-caste Hindus and tribal animist. In addition to the presenting the Gospel, Ebenezer Gospel Mission provides clothing, education and other charitable assistance.

It is very evident the Lord’s hand is upon Ebenezer Gospel Mission.

Dilip Dutt

India Evangelistic Crusade
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The India Evangelistic Crusade Ministry was founded by Nalini Kumar Dutt in 1950. Rev. David Dutt, who succeeded Nalini Dutt, became an IFCA missionary in January 1978 which led to the IEC’s affiliation with the IFCA in 1980. During those years the Lord worked powerfully through Brother David as churches were establish in unreached areas and orphanages were raised up to meet the needs of disadvantaged children.

Today the ministry is being led by Rev. Dilip Dutt. The faithfulness of the Lord to the IEC in fulfilling its mission to reach the unreached with the Gospel is very evident as one hundred ninety (190) churches have been established with about nine thousands (9,000) parishioners in addition to raising up eight (8) orphanages, five (5) feeding programs and eighteen (18) schools.

Ernest Komanapalli

Manna Ministries International Inc.
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Manna Full Gospel Ministries was founded in 1966 by Rev. Ernest Komanapalli. Under the leadership of Rev. Komanapalli, Manna has grown to incorporate a wide breath of ministries: Miriam Children’s Home, Rev. K.S.J. Memorial Hospital, Rock Church Ministries, Paramjyoti Educational Foundation, Rock Church Educational Foundation, Arunodaya Ministries, Manna Ministries international and Manna International. In addition to all those ministries, Rev. Komanapalli has guided the establishment of one thousand four hundred twenty seven (1427) churches, forty (40) orphanages, colleges, clinics, leper center, media programming, widow’s and emergency relief.

Manna Ministries is currently being led by Rev. Sudarshan Jyoti Komanapalli.

J. T. Norman

Sonshine Ministries
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Driven out of a great burden and with the God-given vision to evangelize the Un-evangelized remote villages of India, the ministry of Sonshine India was established in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India in 1992. Since then with the guidance and with the grace of God, Sonshine has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to many thousands of people who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ even once in their lives and also planted churches in the villages where there were no churches.

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Their plan is very simple yet extremely effective. They choose a strategic community in an area that needs evangelized, minister the Gospel there raising up a church which will be their base for a fifty (50) mile radius. As the believers are trained and they being using their Spirit given gifting, Brother Norman identifies those who are called to be pastors and evangelists. Upon the completion of their Bible College training,he sends those pastors and evangelists out to evangelize and raise up churches within that fifty (50) mile radius. He then utilizes the central community for continuing education, training and for meeting with those pastors and evangelists.

Through their ministry, the Lord has raised up an orphanage, a medical clinic, feeding ministries, and schools. Surely, Brother and Sister Norman are being powerfully used by the Holy Spirit to transform and set untold numbers of people free from their sin and their past.

John Sagaoinit

Christian Churches of the Philippines
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Brother John Sagaoinit came to know the Lord through the ministry of the Christian Church of the Philippines’ Student Center during his second year of college. Upon graduating with a B.S. degree in Architecture, he entered the ministry full time. In 1995 the Lord called him to be the General Overseer of the Christian Church of the Philippines International Ministries Inc.

Under his leadership, the CCP has grow from 35 churches to more than 100 and their minstrels have expanded to include medical missions, feeding ministries for the poor, leadership training, anti-drug symposium, moral recovery and values formation assisting government employees and men in uniform to declare Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, a three (3) year pastoral study course and world missions.

Dra. Zenaida Claveria was appointed as the first CCP missionary and was sent to Thailand. Currently the CCP is planning to send missionaries to Hong Kong, Hawaii and Guam.

Ray Bucciarelli

Reach 1040
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Rev. Ray Bucciarelli is a Master Trainer with Mission Catalyst International and Founder of Reach1040. With a recognized leadership and teaching ministry, Ray has been involved in training leaders, both nationally and internationally, for more than 10 years. Brother Ray is currently serving as Missionary and Church Planter for the International Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (IFCA). He has led the training and sending of more than 35 mission teams. His teams have varied in specialties from Construction, Medical, Musical, Combating Human Trafficking as well as Church Planting among Unreached People Groups. These teams were trained and sent to 18 countries on 5 Continents.

Ray has a passion to get the Gospel to the two billion people and more than 6,000 unreached people groups who have yet to hear the message of Jesus Christ for the first time. He also has a passion to see men and women leaders worldwide released into the fullness of God’s plan. Ray has now traveled in more than 50 countries, strategizing and effectively training leaders. He also serves as an advisor to FAWN (Fighting AIDS With Nutrition) and has served on the National Mission Board of the IFCA. Ray has now focused his passion to training, equipping and mobilizing missionaries within the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim world of the 10/40 Window. Recently, he has begun long term projects in Pakistan and Kuwait. Ray is also a return guest speaker at YWAMs School of Strategic Initiatives.