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Ebenezer Gospel Mission

Brother Thomas Abraham is the founder and President of the “Ebenezer Gospel Mission” in India. With over seven hundred thousand (700,000) villages and millions of people unreached with the Gospel, Brother Abraham and Ebenezer Gospel Mission are working tirelessly to shine the light of Christ in those areas. Having begun with a radio program followed by a correspondence course for the listeners, Ebenezer Gospel Missions has grown to over three hundred (300) churches with more than twenty thousand parishioners (20,000), orphanages, Bible colleges and 300 pastors.

The goal of Ebenezer Gospel Missions is to reach the villages in the outlaying areas where the Gospel has not yet been preached. Through their Bible Colleges graduates, EGM sends out missionaries who evangelize more and more of those villages that have never the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every year the Lord expands their ministry into more states to minister to the low-caste Hindus and tribal animist. In addition to the presenting the Gospel, Ebenezer Gospel Mission provides clothing, education and other charitable assistance.

It is very evident the Lord’s hand is upon Ebenezer Gospel Mission.