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J. T. Norman

Sonshine Ministries

Driven out of a great burden and with the God-given vision to evangelize the Un-evangelized remote villages of India, the ministry of Sonshine India was established in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India in 1992. Since then with the guidance and with the grace of God, Sonshine has preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to many thousands of people who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ even once in their lives and also planted churches in the villages where there were no churches.

Their plan is very simple yet extremely effective. They choose a strategic community in an area that needs evangelized, minister the Gospel there raising up a church which will be their base for a fifty (50) mile radius. As the believers are trained and they being using their Spirit given gifting, Brother Norman identifies those who are called to be pastors and evangelists. Upon the completion of their Bible College training, he sends those pastors and evangelists out to evangelize and raise up churches within that fifty (50) mile radius. He then utilizes the central community for continuing education, training and for meeting with those pastors and evangelists.

Through their ministry, the Lord has raised up an orphanage, a medical clinic, feeding ministries, and schools. Surely, Brother and Sister Norman are being powerfully used by the Holy Spirit to transform and set untold numbers of people free from their sin and their past.

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