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Joe Leone

Christian Church of Australia
email: jleone@life-church.com.au

The Christian Church in Australia is under the able leadership of Rev. Joe Leone. The goal of the CCA was to branch out into that vast country preaching the Word, evangelizing the lost and meeting the needs of the people as a sign of Christ's love and their love for the lost. Indeed, under Brother Leone's leadership, the CCA is building upon the foundation that was laid many years ago.

There are twenty (20) churches in the CCA with approximately two thousand five (2,500) parishioners, six (6) specialty ministries, three (3) orphanages, thirty (30) feeding ministries, three (3) Bible Colleges and one (1) hospital. Not only does the CCA have a vision for their own country, but they sponsor missionaries in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar where they also have a prison ministry.

With such God given vision and leadership, the CCA will indeed continue to be used by the Lord to present the Gospel to the unsaved and see untold numbers of lives transformed.