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On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther confronted his world as he nailed his Ninety-five theses on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany. Since that courageous act, untold numbers of individuals have come to know the power of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord. Beginning in Italy in 1908, and for more than one hundred years, World Impact has had very fruitful ministry among the people of Europe as our missionaries faithfully proclaim the Good News of salvation by grace through faith.


  • Churches 104
  • Parishioners 10,455
  • Food Programs 1
  • Participants 30
  • Schools 1
  • Students 20



Chiese Cristiane Italiane nel Nord Europa

Abele Aureli

Operation Italy

Christine Mortelliti

Rev. Antonino Mortelliti

Saverino Nicastro

Vladimir Sautchouk

Christian Life Church

Karen Jones

LifeLine Missions International

Michael Gardner

Steiger International
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Michael is a graduate of Heritage Bible College in North Carolina. Trained in church revitalization and church planting he led recovering churches for 13 years on the east coast of the US. In 2010 doors began to open to minister to Germans in both the United States and in Germany. In December 2012 Impact Germany was birthed to fulfill the need to reach those in Germany and eastern Europe that still have not heard the gospel message. He and his family now live in Berlin, Germany.

Danelle grew up as a PK and worked in the Dental field for a time. She loves blogging about the journey ministering in Germany. Danelle has a passion reaching the people of Germany with the Gospel.